The Group

International North Group is the result of the passion and the thirty years of experience of a group of logistics experts who decided to get together to provide a removal service of the highest quality to individuals and companies, a service that would give customers total peace of mind and cover all removal requirements.   

Our business revolves around a clear and innovative idea of what our service should mean:  providing the best possible assistance in domestic and international removals, complementing it with many other personal services, to provide the best support to all customers, and to make high-quality any move a piece of cake.

Over the years we have become a reference point in removals because we can count on an exceptional team of professionals, all focused on and working towards organising and providing extraordinary all-in services, and managing any moving requirement successfully.

International North Group is a member of international associations like IAM and LACMA. This provides it with a national and international network of high-quality counterparts and partners, to offer the highest quality and very best assistance all over the world.

Find out more about the full range of services on offer, or contact us for more information, if you have any queries and/or to receive a free quote. Then all you'll have to do is put yourself in the capable hands of our Move Managers and all of our professional, dedicated staff.