The organisational expertise of our Move Managers, our professionalism in packing, the experience and care of all our staff, and our wide-ranging, brand new fleet of vehicles mean we can manage any moving requirement successfully: from the most fragile and delicate goods to the bulkiest and heaviest, as well as for complex corporate organisations, while always ensuring that your business productivity remains as unaffected as possible.

For private businesses we move offices, banks, workshops, storage facilities and manufacturing plants with large machinery, and for administrative bodies we move offices, schools, libraries, hospital departments, and anything else that can be moved, always providing a guaranteed prompt and personalised complete service, with the assistance of a Move Manager, and most importantly at very competitive prices.

  • supply of packing materials and skilled labour for packing;
  • skilled labour in handling data processing centres and electronic equipment;
  • transport to the new premises with suitable vehicles and/or ladder trucks;
  • delivery to individual rooms, in accordance with the agreed programme;
  • assistance in opening packages and putting everything in order;
  • removing packaging materials and disposal, in compliance with the law;
  • moving and cataloguing archives;
  • storage of household goods and equipment for short or long periods and reference material;
  • specific insurance cover.

Find out more about all the removals services for companies offered by International North Group.

We provide domestic and international all-in removal services for companies - including complex organisations - that need to move headquarters, branches, or internally from one office to another and/or archive removals. The service includes painstaking planning to keep costs - as well as repercussions on production - to a minimum. It also includes the dismantling and reassembly of furnishings, the packing, unpacking and disposal - in compliance with the law - of electronic devices, furniture and other items that are no longer needed, the transport and delivery - including with special vehicles - to a specific room/office as per the customer's indications in their layout, the organisation of permits to occupy public land, and All Risks insurance cover (to be agreed on based on the customer's specific requirements). 

Over the years International North Group has gained plenty of experience and has developed specific procedures to meet the demands of craft workshops and small-scale industries.  Together with the customer we assess the timing, the requirements and specific peculiarities of each move based on the layout of the new premises, agreeing what needs to be done and what the priorities are in advance. The dates and times are planned in line with the demands of each customer and aim to minimise production downtime. This is why moves can be staggered in different phases, and, if necessary, outside working hours and/or on weekends. 

The relocation of an industrial site does not only mean packing and transporting items, furniture and machinery carefully from one building to another, but it also involves carefully planning and scheduling work so that anything that is moved can be repositioned quickly and, most importantly, efficiently to keep production downtime to a minimum. Our highly specialised staff will provide you with plenty of support in planning, making inventories and disposing of obsolescent machinery, and we will offer you highly personalised services, all handled with the most appropriate modern vehicles. 

The demands of public administration bodies are quite different from those of individuals, even if the contract is not an open tender. Over the years International North Group has gained considerable experience in moving offices, storage facilities, laboratories and/or hospital departments, research centres, universities, schools, and libraries, and we know how delicate managing the relocation of a Public Body can be, regardless of that body's specific function on the site to be moved.    

The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to perfect the complex and delicate procedures called for when moving works of art, both ancient and modern, and valuable items in general. This service is provided with the help of staff who are experienced in choosing the best packing materials and in packing itself. Specifically equipped vehicles are used to transport these items in total safety, and most importantly dedicated Move Managers are assigned to the job. The service is "all-in", including handling customs procedures and obtaining export permits from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, as well as adequate insurance cover. 

Are you all set to go, but still need vehicles?  

International North Group hires out - at ultra-competitive prices - ladder trucks and/or platforms with lift, as well as all kinds of vehicles for transporting goods. Ladder trucks and/or platforms can help you reach the highest floors so that you can move items directly from balconies and/or windows, at the same time reducing exertion, inconvenience and production downtime, not to mention the risk of damaging your goods and/or the public areas of the building.  As these machines can only be operated by professional staff, the hire cost includes operator costs and insurance cover. 

International North Group offers companies the chance to give their employees real benefits, with special discounts reserved for them for particular requirements.  There are various services at a special rate, and they range from staff relocation within the same town/city or to different towns/cities or to other countries around the world as well as support for opening and terminating domestic utilities contracts, from small-scale maintenance work (painting, electrical work, construction, plumbing, etc.) to pre- and post-move cleaning services, etc.  All this is supervised and coordinated by one of our Move Managers who will be the only intermediary, saving time, money and most importantly stress and effort!

Since article 10 of Legislative Decree 286 of 2005 establishes that the remover is liable exclusively as transporter - in other words, removal firms are only responsible for damage to goods during road transport - International North Group has adopted various insurance solutions that provide total cover for all risks involved in moving any furnishings, regardless of the removal type and/or the value of the goods involved. 

Find out more about insurance cover in the services section. 

Waste management is a complex but essential step when concluding a production cycle, as far as both goods and services are concerned.

The laws are increasingly complex and require that any waste produced is traceable, especially if it is hazardous or destined for industrial and commercial use (printers, toners, cartridges, neon lighting).

Environmental responsibility means complying with complex, regulated procedures that cover all the stages in the life cycle of products: manufacture, collection, transport and processing, as well as recycling and reuse.

The figure of an intermediary is therefore essential to guarantee that procedures are followed and that waste is disposed of correctly.

As an intermediary, International North Group acts as a link between the waste producer and the waste disposal facility, and it is their duty to ensure that each step occurs in compliance with the law, depending on the type of waste produced.

We are registered in the "Albo Gestori Ambientali" (Environmental Managers Registry) in the categories 4F and 8F.

We offer integrated solutions for all those services that do not directly affect customers' core business but that are essential for the organisation to function properly: from services for the building to services for organising space and for people.


We analyse the initial state of the services. We improve operations in order to optimise costs and quality, setting short-term goals that allow the initial state to be immediately improved on.  We develop operational plans over the mid to long term, constantly monitoring the results.

The Facility Management services we deal with include: managing indoor and outdoor areas and moving goods in them; maintaining and managing electrical and devices telephones and data transmission, security, ventilation and fire equipment; building plasterboard walls and false ceilings; dismantling and reassembling moving walls; changes to furnishings, porterage, and moving industrial machinery; industrial cleaning services; and the manual archiving of all paper and digital documents.

International North Group specialises in the providing porterage and goods transport services.

The porterage and transport services that we usually offer in Italy

and abroad include all kinds of transport and removals, the assembly of exhibition stands for trade fairs and

exhibitions, and relocating offices and warehouses.

The high professional standards of International North Group mean that even the requirements of exceedingly difficult jobs can be met, always guaranteeing total efficiency

and quality standards way above the average normally provided by the market.

We carry out inspections free of charge that allow us to provide detailed, tailor-made estimates.