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All of us - at least once in our lives - has had to deal with a move on our own, with all the associated stress, physical fatigue and time wasted.  International North Group is the answer: We will handle all the trickier aspects of this stressful life event, so you don't have to. We provide a wide range of solutions, with the added benefit of a single contact person - who you will be directly in touch with - and who will assist you from the costing stage right up to the delivery of the very last box, providing you with the most appropriate advice and support as the situation requires. 


Choose the solution from the many services we offer that best meets your needs.

Leave your move to us and just relax: we'll take care of everything with our “all-in” services. 

"Anti-stress removal" is International North Group's ALL-INCLUSIVE service that means you don't have to worry about any aspect of this stressful life event. A turnkey service with the added benefit of a single contact person - who you will be directly in touch with - and who will assist you from the costing stage right up to the delivery of the very last box, providing you with the most appropriate advice and support as the situation requires. The ALL-INCLUSIVE package also includes an ALL-RISKS insurance policy to cover any possible damage.

Would you prefer a "DIY" removal service? Here's how we can help. 

Do you handle each phase in person? With International North Group you can hire vans, ladder trucks and/or our expert staff for the more strenuous parts: packing, loading and unloading your goods. Vehicle rental includes machine operators and drivers, so no insurance is required, administrative aspects are dealt with, for example permits to occupy public land, and most importantly - for total peace of mind - liability always rests with International North Group.

Do you want to save money and be able to rely on the assistance of removal professionals? 

You can with International North Group's Groupage Service. This innovative formula for removals - a permanent feature of the world of logistics - basically involves removals being handled by specialists as usual, but with the goods shipped domestically, internationally and across continents in groupage shipments, in other words goods from different senders heading for the same destination are grouped together in the same vehicles/shipments. It's a low-cost alternative ideal for anyone one who is not in a particular hurry, as savings can be made by sending multiple shipments together to the same destination.

Our four-legged friends are just as much part of the family when you have to move too. 

With International North Group, pet shipments are handled with the animal's physical and mental wellbeing the number one priority, even if the move is across international borders or continents. With the help of our network of specialists we will handle every aspect of your four-legged friends' journey with loving care, making sure they are comfortable, as well as dealing with all the relevant bureaucratic and health formalities, providing you with advice and support so that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them: they are an integral part of your family and, as such, they always deserve to be treated in the best way possible.

The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to perfect the complex and delicate procedures called for when moving works of art, both ancient and modern, and valuable items in general. This service is provided with the help of staff who are experienced in choosing the best packing materials and in packing itself. Specifically equipped vehicles are used to transport these items in total safety, and most importantly dedicated Move Managers are assigned to the job. The service is "all-in", including handling customs procedures and obtaining export permits from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, as well as adequate insurance cover. 

In order to prepare for a move, many variables have to be taken into account and lots of consecutive steps have to be planned. International North Group provides you with a consultant - your Move Manager - to assist you in the budgeting, itemising, planning and delivery stages. Our company provides three different estimating methods: self-assessment, virtual inspection and physical inspection. 

Virtual inspection: for cases when distances or times do not permit, or do not justify, a physical inspection: virtual inspections are performed using technological devices or via video calls and photographic assessment.

Self-assessment: this inspection method is suitable for less complex removals and/or anyone who opts for light and/or DIY formulas, and consists of self-certification of the goods to be moved, which the estimate and consequent removal will be based on.

Physical inspection: obviously this is the best method, especially for large removals, for removals requiring complex procedures, and for valuable items. Our contact person will inspect all the goods with you, assessing which packing and transport solution is the best.

Since article 10 of Legislative Decree 286 of 2005 establishes that the remover is liable exclusively as transporter - in other words, removal firms are only responsible for damage to goods during road transport - International North Group has adopted various insurance solutions that provide total cover for all risks involved in moving any furnishings, regardless of the removal type and/or the value of the goods involved. 

Find out more about insurance cover in the services section.