International North Group can help both PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS and COMPANIES in managing all the numerous, complex issues - both bureaucratic and practical - concerning international relocations, both within Europe and all around the world.

You will be assisted by a specialised team that deals exclusively with this field, consisting of experts who are passionate about their work and who will do their utmost to ensure that you have peace of mind during this important life event.

Find out more about all our services, the simple movement of goods to personal assistance.

We offer an all-in service for companies, craft workshops and small industrial businesses.  

Since international moves require longer transport times and more complex methods, the work calendar must be carefully planned in order to meet the needs of each customer and to minimise production downtime. The service includes the dismantling and reassembly of furnishings, the packing, unpacking and disposal - in compliance with the law - of electronic devices, furniture and other items that are no longer needed, the transport and delivery - including with special vehicles - to a specific room/office as per the customer's indications in their layout, the organisation of permits to occupy public land, and All Risks insurance cover (to be agreed on based on the customer's specific requirements).

Moving to another country without us could well be stressful...let us help you out! 

Another top qualityservice of International North Group is our international relocation service, both within Europe and anywhere around the world. You will be assisted by a specialised team that deals exclusively with this field, consisting of experts who are passionate about their work and who will do their utmost to ensure that you have peace of mind during this important life event. Our well-organised staff are always ready to manage and meet all your requests and/or needs to the best of their abilities.

Our four-legged friends are just as much part of the family when you have to move too. 

With International North Group, pet shipments are handled with the animal's physical and mental wellbeing the number one priority, if the move is across international borders or continents. With the help of our network of specialists we will handle every aspect of your four-legged friends' journey with loving care, making sure they are comfortable, as well as dealing with all the relevant bureaucratic and health formalities, providing you with advice and support so that everything runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible for this integral part of your family that, as such, deserves to be treated in the best way possible.

The primary goal for shipments of works of art and valuables is security. 

International North Group guarantees you an all-in service with supervised security vehicles, as well as handling customs procedures and obtaining export permits from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and adequate insurance cover.

Security also means protecting goods from any type of damage, not only physical damage. International North Group has gained specific experience over the years in perfecting the complex and delicate procedures called for when moving works of art, both ancient and modern, and valuable items in general, and in particular in the careful choice of the best packing materials and in packing itself, in order to protect goods from atmospheric agents, such as exposure to light, humidity, unsuitable temperatures and/or sudden changes in temperature etc.

Using International North Group allows you to as adequate benefit from its extremely useful ancillary services. 

Our organisation can help you - with both individual services and with customised packages - to manage all the numerous, complex bureaucratic procedures regarding international relocation. The services range from services when setting off, in other words guidance - including family guidance - about the characteristics of your destination, as well as terminating utilities contracts, and immigration, namely information and support about obtaining a visa and/or other permits/documents, such how to get a tax code, registering yourself at your new address and with the national health system, how to get identity documents, convert your driving licence, registering your car, how to get work permits, how to get/renew residence permits, family cohesion permits and/or family reunification permits. It also provides services on arrival, including simple support services, such as airport transfers, language courses, housework services, and personal shoppers, as well as more complex services, such as finding temporary and more permanent housing solutions and school selection, etc.

International North Group specialises in logistics for trade fairs, shows and events, providing a full range of services, from collecting goods at the customer's warehouse to setting up the stand at the trade fair and subsequently returning the goods at the end of the event.

Specifically, our staff deal with:

collecting goods at the customer's or their supplier's premises;

agreeing delivery dates and times with the exhibition centre;

delivering the goods to the stand and providing support (if requested) to set the stand up and dismantle it at the end of the event;

collecting the goods and returning them to the customer.

We plan and monitor each phase with the utmost care, to ensure that all our customers are satisfied!

Managing removals on behalf of military organisations and NATO agencies is a very delicate and complex job, as it requires compliance with strict military standards.

International North Group covers the whole world, including locations where there are state offices and military bases and NATO agencies.

Our services meet every removal requirement for the whole family and follow all the bureaucratic formalities that the Military Administration requires.

We provide secure and competitive solutions for shipping cars and motorbikes around the world.

We handle everything: we pick up vehicles directly from your home and store them in our warehouses before departure, and we deal with all the bureaucratic requirements, from filling in the pre-boarding vehicle condition report to customs export and import formalities at the destination.

With the help of our qualified partners located across the globe, we can provide high quality services at highly competitive prices!

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