Whatever your moving requirements, International North Group will support you with dedicated, modular, budget-friendly services.

What we offer means you don't have to worry about any aspect of this stressful life event, including turnkey services with the added benefit of a Move Manager who will assist you from the costing stage right up to the delivery of the very last box, and more budget-friendly solutions, such as DIY moves.

Find out more about all the benefits of our services.

In order to prepare for a move, many variables have to be taken into account and lots of consecutive steps have to be planned. International North Group provides you with a consultant - your Move Manager - to assist you in the estimating, itemising, planning and delivery stages. Our company provides three different estimating methods: self-assessment, virtual inspection and physical inspection. 

Virtual inspection: for cases when distances or times do not permit, or do not justify, a physical inspection: virtual inspections are performed using technological devices or via video calls and photographic assessment.

Self-assessment: this inspection method is suitable for less complex removals and/or anyone who opts for light and/or DIY formulas, and consists of self-certification of the goods to be moved, which the estimate and consequent removal will be based on.

Physical inspection: obviously this is the best method, especially for large removals, for removals requiring complex procedures, and for valuable items.  Our contact person will inspect all the goods with you, assessing which packing and transport solution is the best.

Quotes are always provided free of charge. Request a quote by filling in the self-assessment form, or ask for a telephone appointment for a virtual inspection, or contact us for an appointment at your home.  

For all our customers, there are various All Risksinsurance solutions and cover for moved goods that are easy to set up.   In case of damage or loss, International North Group will provide you with full assistance through to completion of the necessary procedure.  N.B.: Without insurance cover, our liability is limited to current legal provisions. 

International North Group will choose the appropriate mode of transport based on the type of service you have chosen and the destination of the goods: 

By land: goods are transported by vehicles of different sizes depending on the requirement and using two different options: a dedicated service (for large volumes or particularly urgent cases) and a groupage service (for small volumes or to keep overall costs down). 

By sea: the household goods packed and collected from your home are transported to our storage facilities where we ready the goods for shipment.

Depending on the volume, sea transport may take place using special lift vans (standard size cardboard crates - about 10 CBM - required by shipping companies, containing all your goods) or in containers. Shipping companies offer three types of container: 20' which can hold about 30 CBM, 40' about 60 CBM, and 40' HC for shipments up to 70 CBM.

Whichever solution you choose, your goods will be loaded and stowed with care before being anchored/secured to the container to prevent them from falling or rolling when the ship is at sea or performing manoeuvres in the port or on board.

Customs formalities are handled by us both in Italy and on arrival at the destination, with the help of specialist counterparts.

By air: due to cost, this is a solution for small-scale removals.

The household goods are packed and collected from your home and transported to our storage facilities we ready the shipment by assembling one or more air vans (cardboard crates containing all your goods, of a size and height specifically designed for this type of transport). 

Customs formalities are handled by us both in Italy and on arrival at the destination, with the help of specialist counterparts.

Our services are designed to be modular and customisable so that we can fulfil any requirement: this is why our customer care service will be there to assist you before, during and after the move. We have tailor-made solutions for you, to meet your needs at interesting prices: get in touch with us for a free quote. 

A single contact person - your move manager - for the budgeting stage and for the entire duration of the move, whose direct telephone number you will also be given for prompt replies to requests for information or clarification and/or for any other need that may arise during the move.  

We only use highly specialised staff that are directly employed by us: to guarantee the highest standards of quality for our service, we do not use staff from cooperatives and we do not contract out or subcontract any phase and/or operation in the service we provide. 

In the current competitive climate, being specialised is necessary both to develop specific skills and to produce professional figures who are well-prepared and ready to perform their tasks conscientiously and effectively, supported by technology. 

Experience does not always necessarily make a difference, but when it comes to organising a complex and stressful event like a move, you'll soon see that our staff's twenty years of experience really does a difference, as the effort you have to put in - and your stress - will be reduced. 

Preparing suitable packing is the first essential step for guaranteeing a high-quality service, which is why we pay the utmost care and attention to the quality of the materials we use in the many different types of packing materials available, to meet all your needs.

Standard packing for:


  • light wrapping paper to protect surfaces;
  • bubble wrap to protect exteriors;
  • if necessary, cardboard packing for more resilient support;
  • for antique and/or particularly fragile furniture, custom-made wood crates.
  • Carpets will be rolled up, never folded, and protected from dirt and humidity using appropriate materials.

fragile items:

  • all small items are individually wrapped in bubble wrap;
  • large items are packed in sheets of bubble wrap and in special fabrics;
  • where appropriate, custom-made wood cages are made to provide total protection;
  • pianos can also be transported, but you will always have to retune them after the move.  


  • boxes for linen and for anything that is normally stored horizontally;
  • clothes hanger boxes for all items of clothing that have to be stored in a vertical position.


  • cars are securely anchored inside containers;
  • motorbikes are transported in custom-made cages securely anchored to the container;

please note - for all motor vehicles, the battery must be disconnected and the fuel tank emptied.

We choose the best packing materials, aiming for both a low environmental impact and high performance, in order to protect both the environment and your goods during transport, from start to finish. 

International North Group also provides disposal services for old furniture, used electronic and household appliances, and anything else you may wish to get rid of.

All waste materials are disposed of in authorised waste facilities and in compliance with laws on waste, and all wood used is subject to a special phytosanitary treatment.